Percassi - Diversityday

Settore di attività: Immobiliare
Categorie preferite: Economia, Ingegneria
Titolo di studio preferito: Laurea magistrale (triennale), Laurea specialistica

A solid and dynamic business society that successfully anticipates market trends with a vision that goes beyond Italian borders.

Percassi’s operations are focused on three main business areas: Retail, focused on Own Brands and Partnership Brands, Real Estate and Atalanta.

Own Brands concerns the management of own brands (such as Kiko Milano, Madina, Womo and Bullfrog in cosmetics, Vergelio in footwear and Atalanta in sports) or in partnership (as Billionaire Italian Couture in clothing), relying on the Percassi know how of excellence in the development of commercial networks in strategic locations.

In the Partnership Brands area, Percassi is engaged in the development and management of the sales networks of big brands such as LEGO Group, Victoria's Secret, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Nike and Ferrari, in addition to its own brands and brands in joint ventures with international partners

In the Real Estate sector, Percassi is known for being an entrepreneurial organization that successfully promotes, develops and makes the most of major real estate projects, in the sales and managerial sector, at the forefront of innovation and high quality.

Antonio Percassi is the President of Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, the most important football team in Bergamo and the province since 1907, the year it was founded.

Atalanta B.C. is the club that has participated the greatest number of times in Italian football championships disputed among the city teams that are not regional capitals. For this reason it is considered the “Queen of Provincial Championships”.

With its headquarters in Bergamo, Percassi operates through facilities and offices in Milan, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, St. Moritz, Glattbrugg, Warsaw, Brussels, Grand Canyon, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Dehli, Istanbul, Moskow and Dubai with over 8000 employees.