Logista Italia - Diversityday

Settore di attività: Logistica, Trasporti, Magazzino
Categorie preferite: Economia, Ingegneria
Titolo di studio preferito: Laurea magistrale (triennale), Laurea specialistica

Logista is the leading distributor of products and services to proximity retailers in Southern Europe, serving some 300,000 delivery points within capillary retail networks in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, so facilitating the best and fastest market access to tobacco related and convenience products, electronic top-ups, pharmaceuticals, books, publications and lotteries, among others.

The Group has built a unique business model in Southern Europe, combining its distribution and logistics comprehensive services with exclusive value added services. Advanced services provided to clients, both manufacturers and points of sale, include those offered in real time through Point of Sale Terminals, as well as Business Intelligence tools facilitating products access from manufacturers to the end consumer and so flexibly satisfy its clients’ needs.

Thus, Logista becomes the best partner to provide products and services to the end consumer with an intelligent and efficient distribution through a convenient capillary retail network located next to the consumer.